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Hey there! I'm Deividas Karžinauskas and I write about my habits, financial decisions and P2P investments.

19 January 2021Money

Funding circle review 2020

Funding circle P2P lending platform is a good choice for those who want to make use of their ISA allowance. It offers good interest rates for pound loans and if you don't want to risk the GBP/EUR exchange rate it may be just good enough for investments over the ISA allowance.

05 January 2020Money

Financial summary: December 2019

This month I learned more about diversification and the key action was to start spreading my investments across different instruments, i.e. I will avoid putting all of my money into P2P platforms. Given that I've already done a bit of research into Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that is where I will look to divert some of my income.

27 December 2019Management

Management for engineers: Month 1

I've recently transitioned from an engineer to a manager of a high performing engineering team. Here's a list of things that ended up being useful on my first month.

08 December 2019Mindset

Habits review: December 2019

I came across a thought that I really liked, which says that you never finish working on a habit. There's no magical period after which you no longer have to try. Habits are things that you do regularly. If you stop doing them they are no longer going to be habits. With that in mind, let's review how well I'm doing for my current habits.

04 December 2019Mindset

Book review: Resilient management

"Resilient management" focuses on explaining the intricacies of being a good first-line manager with a lot of practical advice. I particularly like the way the thinking is structured making it easier to remember various ideas described in the book.

24 November 2019Mindset

New habit: Reading

I was in a habit of binge watching TV shows to help me relax in the evenings. I would watch them for 20 - 40 minutes each evening (this may be even longer if I was in a bad mood). This was my way of relaxing. It is passive and low value add activity, which I wasn't to happy about. I've decided to opt for reading instead.

20 November 2019Mindset

Book review: The Coaching Habit

Recently I have started learning and practising to become a manager. My boss has brought in and suggested to read "The Coaching Habit" book and I never pass up a good book. At the time I didn't remember it, but I have read the book some years back. Back then I didn't have much opportunities to practice what this book is teaching, so little has stuck with me. Now the situation has changed and I have plenty of opportunities to coach people so this book will come in really handy.

17 November 2019Money

Paskolu klubas review 2019

Paskolu klubas P2P lending platform is a good choice for experienced long-term investors. They offer a stable supply of loans with good returns.

10 November 2019Mindset

Habits review: November 2019

I'm continuing to work on my writing, conditioning and meditation habits. I will also look to introduce a new habit around the "Own the day" theme.

03 November 2019Money

Financial summary: October 2019

This month was the first month when I got stock options in lieu of salary. Also, one of the P2P platforms I have invested money with went into administration. Bummer.

30 October 2019Mindset

Book review: Atomic habits

"Atomic habits" is a book that deserves a lot of credit for various improvements in my life. It gave me the foundations necessary to work on my daily habits.

27 October 2019Mindset

New habit: Meditation

I regularly have "doom and gloom periods", which affect my mood in a negative way and hinder progress towards my goals. These periods result in lowered motivation and missed objectives. They make it harder to maintain my habits. For a long time I thought that it's "normal" and happens to everyone. I think I may have been wrong.

20 October 2019Money

FinBee review 2019

I've been investing in P2P loans for over 3 years now. FinBee P2P leding platform provides the greatest real returns on investment out of all the platforms I've seen.

13 October 2019Mindset

Habits review: October 2019

In October 2019 I'm actively working on developing my writing and conditioning habits. I've also gotten more confident with my morning stretching habit.

29 September 2019Mindset

Consistency over intensity

This week I went through a "doom and gloom" period when comparing my success to that of the super rich. Here's what I've learned.

22 September 2019Money

My private pension

I've documented the process that I went through when choosing where to invest my private pension, including the pension provider.

15 September 2019Money

Contracting vs Permanent

Should I start contracting or stay as a full-time employee? Recently I had to make this decision and here's my reasoning behind it.